Empowering chipmakers to bring in-memory computing to scale


The demand for AI in embedded devices like wearables, IoT, smart sensing, and robotics is skyrocketing.


General-purpose microcontrollers cannot meet the demands of edge AI. Today’s zoo of hardware and software solutions for boosting performance are costly, complex, and limited.


And each hardware solution typically tackles only a narrow slice of the AI application landscape.

With ComputeRAM™

Unleash a new generation of microcontrollers, ASICs, and smart sensors with unmatched speed, efficiency, and versatility, addressing the massive edge AI market

ComputeRAM™ unlocks new opportunities for chip and device makers

01 Wearables

Enhance the performance and reliability of everyday devices, from long-lasting patient-centered hearing aids, fitness watches, and voice assistants

02 Robotic systems

Empower autonomous systems such as drones, home automation systems, and cleaning robots with transformative sensing and decision making capabilities.

03 Scalable and customizable sensors

Deploy programmable smart sensors across various industries for precise monitoring, data collection and analysis