We believe in-memory computing has the power to transform technology and lives.

We unlock this potential by collaborating with foundries, chip manufacturers, and industry leaders to create groundbreaking products.

We are deploying our technology in various sectors, from real-time personalized wearable devices, to autonomous robots, and smart sensors networks.

Meet the team working on this mission since 2019 in Zurich, Switzerland.

  • Manu V Nair

    CEO & Co-founder


    Manu started his career with chip design roles at Analog Devices Inc and Apical Imaging. The advent of AI and its compute complexity motivated his shift back to academics, starting with an MPhil at University of Manchester and then a PhD at the Institute of Neuroinformatics (University of Zürich and ETH Zürich).
    Their work led to the founding of Synthara in 2019.

  • Alessandro Aimar

    CTO & Co-founder


    With a background in physical engineering, nanotechnologies, AI and microchip architecture, Alessandro began his professional journey at Imagination Technologies in 2014. There, he contributed to the verification and enhancement of the PowerVR GPU architecture. Alessandro returned to academia to pursue a PhD focused on energy-efficient AI computation.
    In 2019, Alessandro founded Synthara to develop advanced, energy-efficient computing systems, empowering a new wave of intelligent products.

  • Sean Mitchell

    Chairman of the Board of Directors


    Sean Mitchell is a professional in the semiconductor industry with 33 years of experience and four successful startup ventures. In 2005, he co-founded Movidius, serving as CEO and leading the development of a pioneering Edge Compute platform for Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence. Under his guidance, Movidius raised over $100 million in venture capital before being acquired by Intel in 2016. Sean has significantly contributed to advancements in AI and computer vision technology​.

  • Jörg Sperling

    Member of the Board of Directors


    Jörg is a notable figure in the venture capital and private equity industry with over 20 years of experience. He holds an electrical engineering degree from RWTH Aachen University and has conducted semiconductor research at Technion in Israel and AT&T Bell Laboratories in the USA. Jörg has held senior sales roles in semiconductor companies across Europe and the US and has participated in nearly 50 transactions as an investor, buyer, or seller.
    His current focus is on deep tech and B2B software. He is also founder of Altos Advisors, advising on corporate succession and growth strategies for technology companies.

  • Sandeep Raju



    Sandeep is an entrepreneur and private investor focused on impactful ventures in India and deep tech in Europe. He is a founder at Krushal, enhancing dairy farmer incomes and fostering rural entrepreneurship, and Samaaru, providing value chain finance for smallholder farmers. In addition to supporting Synthara as an early believer investor, Sandeep incubated Perovskia, a designer solar cell venture to eliminate or extend batteries from edge devices. Sandeep earlier held key roles in P&L leadership, M&A, investments and venture incubation at Infosys and Wipro.