ComputeRAM™ enables seamless integration of in-memory computing (IMC) to embedded chips delivering a 100x boost to speed and energy-efficiency.

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In-Memory Computing enables breakthrough processing capabilities

Without In-Memory Computing

Data from memory has to be read and processed elsewhere, creating a bottleneck between the memory and compute unit, slowing computation and increasing energy consumption, especially when running AI applications.

With In-Memory Computing

In-memory computing eliminates the memory bottleneck by performing most computations directly within the memory, resulting in dramatically faster and more energy-efficient processing.

Enabling a new era of embedded AI-rich computing

ComputeRAM™ delivers a quantum leap in microcontroller performance without added silicon or software costs. Embedded platforms can now embrace a broad range of AI applications, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth for chip and device makers.


Synthara is actively building a thriving ecosystem of partners and projects to advance in-memory computing solutions.